We deliver sustainable energy solutions

Energen was founded in 2004 by Marko Seršen, entrepreneur with a vison to promote cogeneration as a highly efficient and reliable energy solution. Marko soon employed a team of experts to offer a wide range of energy services, including energy audits, feasibility studies and executive engineering for heat and power systems.  In the past 18 years the team have implemented more than 120 cogeneration projects, which have all been well maintained by Energen service department.

Energen is now well-recognised energy service company. Based on years of experiences with ESCO, we have developed a unique business model, where we take charge of capital investment, and our customers benefit from financial and energy savings.

As a very agile team we have always been able to adjust quickly to any business circumstances, and following recent increased market demand for clean energy, we recently undertook a new business model providing innovative solar systems solutions for domestic use.

With everything we do, we strive to co-create a better future, providing reliable, environmentally friendly, and economically advantageous energy supply.

In the past two years, we have expanded our operations outside of Slovenia to the markets of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Germany.




Throughout different energy solutions we are enabling our customers optimisation of the power generated at their premises.


By utilising renewable energy sources we aim to contribute towards decarbonisation of power production and supply, supporting elecricity systems of the future.


Within the team we share a value of co-creating a better future by finding best and simple solutions to protect the environment.