Combined Heat and Power Solutions

Energen is a well-established European company, with years of experiences in CHP sector. We  provide different bespoke solutions to keep your lights on in the times of electricity power supply disruptions. Having a CHP unit oniste enhances safety of your business operation. This is specially important for critical infrastructure. 

We provide CHP units in a range from 50 kW to 2,5 MW of electrical power. We offer packaging of gen sets in accordance with required technical specifications.

Our CHP’s are ready to utilise various renewable gases such as biogas, landfil gas, hydrogen and wood gas.


Compared to conventional electricity and thermal energy production, cogeneration provides several benefits.


CHP is the most efficient process of primary energy use to simultaneously produce electricity and heat. There are no network losses as the energy is used on site.


Due to the high efficiency of the CHP system, energy costs can be lower up to 40%. Project payback time is short and financial savings can also be achieved without capital outlay, using energy contracting model - ESCO.


Heat and power consumers can produce part or all their energy on site, which makes them less energy dependent and protected against price volatility.


Because less fuel is burned in the generation process, carbon and other GHG emissions (NOx, CO, SO2) are 30% lower.