ESCO/ Power Purchase Agreement

Based on years of experiences with ESCO energy contracting we have developed a unique business model so we can guarantee our customers financial savings without any capital investment needed.

ESCO or PPA is an energy contracting model, a one-stop-shop solution from an energy company performing whole set of activities and measures for efficient energy use. It includes energy audit of the facilities, proposing and implementing the best possible solution, managing, controlling of operation, and maintenance. Most importantly it is the model that provides innovative financing models, without the client having to invest their own capital into the projects.

It is based on a contract concluded for an agreed period between the owner of the facility – the client, and the private energy services company – the contractor. Usually the contract is signed for 10,  15 or more years.

All parties involved achieve certain benefits, which they share accordingly.

There are many advantages for customers using our ESCO model:

Modern and highly efficient equipment installed on site

Energy costs are reduced

GHG emissions are reduced

No CapEx

No CHP maintenance and servicing costs