References installed in all major sectors

Energen’s expertise in CHP spans over 16 years in different schemes utilising CHP on a small and large scale, with many happy customers all requiring thermal and power generation.

In this time, we have accumulated invaluable experiences in offering customised, reliable and cost-efficient energy solutions to our clients. We have a proven record of 120 CHP units installed and commissioned in different sectors, from food industry and manufacturing, to education, healthcare, leisure and residential.

A small selection of projects can be seen below. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more case studies.


1MW CHP ESCO project was installed and commissioned in 2013. It has been operational for over 50,000 hours and has saved the customer over €600,000 in finance and over 1,000 tons of CO2 of emissions has been cut every year.


1.2 MW containerised was installed and commissioned in 2020 it will provide 75% of the building power. The return on investment is planned in 24 months.


This 400kW CHP unit was installed in 2015 and has been running with great efficiency ever since, improving the reliability of the foundry’s operation. The energy cost has been decreased for 40% in comparison to the previous solution.


This 440 kW CHP emits 30% less CO2 emissions in comparison to conventional electricity and heat production and saves over 3,000 MWh of electricity each year. The project was fully funded by Energen, using our unique ESCO model.


50kW + 20kW units was installed as an ESCO project and has been operated remotely since 2013. Hospital saves around 22% on energy bill every month.

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Installed in 2012 Energen 50kW CHP provides enough energy and heat to power the whole centre and saves 52 tons of carbon dioxide per year.